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Scrap Aluminum

Production waste aluminum, beverage cans residues, printing press scraps, car rims scraps, machinery scraps, kitchenware scraps are some of the areas where aluminum can be obtained. Scrap aluminum can be used by recycling in joinery workshops, signage manufacturing, kitchenware production, in short, in most of the workshops and factories producing aluminum. Without sacrificing quality, we receive, store and process scrap aluminum and contribute to recycling. Our expert team will evaluate the aluminum scrap prices in the best way and will give you detailed information about the scrap aluminum prices.

Aluminum scrap is divided into two as hard and soft aluminum in terms of diversity. Scrap aluminum, which we know as hard aluminum, generally has a rigid structure in terms of structure. In terms of price, they are lower than soft aluminum. Soft aluminum is aluminum scraps that are more flexible in terms of structure. Compared to hard aluminum,   its price is higher due to the fact that it can be used more easily in the recycling area and the usage area is wide.