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Scrap Zinc

Although zinc is slightly less common than other metals in terms of usage areas, it is one of the most used metals after copper and iron. The main usage areas of zinc are roof and floor coverings, automotive industry, electrical and electronic parts as a support element, light weight. It is used in the alloy metal industry and in addition to these, it is combined with other metals and used in new products with different properties.

Since zinc is a little more valuable than other heavy metal groups, the recovery of its scrap is of great importance. As Taşdemir Recycling, we are committed to taking the scraped zinc scraps from your place and at full value. Our company is an authorized and licensed institution given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey, non-hazardous waste licenses, the documents of the vehicles we used in scrap collection and shipment are complete, and all of our personnel have received the necessary training and certificates.